Hybrid RF Element

The concept: Printed plastic substrate smoothed and covered with a thin layer of Metal.

Polymertal plans to address the RF (Radio Frequency) Elements market by partnering with existing vendors, who are looking to improve their offering and lower their costs.

During recent years, Polymertal has accumulated in-house expertise in the manufacturing of RF elements such as waveguides, Horn antennas and plate antennas, based on metal smooth plating on top of 3D polymer printed cores.

Polymertal has successfully delivered functional products, meeting the highest specifications for performance and quality. In essence, Polymertal has developed a unique design and manufacturing technology where you first build the hole and then plate it, thereby “housing” and dissolving the hole.

  • Hybrid Molds
  • Hybrid RF element

  • Hybrid Components And Electronic Cases

  • Plating service and 3D object surface smoothing