It’s a Matter of

The Best of Both Worlds - Polymers and Metals

Bonding Metals and Polymers Together

Polymertal develops and manufactures light weight and environmentally friendly hybrid parts that solve complex requirements. Delivering next generation solutions for high-end, complex assemblies

Lightweight materials

Up to 60% reduction in weight

Metallic Features

Higher strength and conductivity

Polymer benefits

Vibration and shock damping

Design Freedom

Bionic design for high performance

Main Industry Sectors


Designed for
seamless integration


Industry tested for
operational systems


Upgraded experience with
accelerated signals transfer

Medical Device

Create complex
structures with high
strength to weight ratio

Our Technology

Digital Manufacturing

From CAD to
system integration

Sustainable Solutions

Uses a carbon free bio-based materials and low energy process


Ability to withstand a lifetime of tough environments

Cost reduction

Up to 70% cost reduction


Feasibility Analysis

Creating the optimal fit between our technology and and our client’s application and needs.



From prototype testing to validating, fitting functionality with the system.



Pilot project for real-life performance of dozens of parts . Test, validate, and measure the current model with our technology on a real-life system.


Scaling Manufacturing

Initiate supply contract including: validation, qualification, certification of parts through serial production.

We'll design and manufacture lightweight and sustainable components

Complete Sustainable Lifecycle from Material and Manufacturing to Recycling

The substrate base material directly diverts waste from landfills and oceans while significantly reducing greenhouse gases. Providing a sustainable alternative to polluting, non-recyclable composites by using carbon-free and bio-based material with a low energy production process.

& Innovation

INAM – AdMaCom Finalist

Polymertal is developing a Titanium plating on polymers. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation under grant agreement No 960140

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