Minimize production waste and environmental impact

Delivering sustainable solutions with higher energy efficiency, cost efficiency and lightweight design.



Based on Polymertal’s impact report 2020 by Impact First Investments


Reduction in Carbon Footprint


KG Of CO2 (Reduction) Per Vehicle per year

Our Sustainable Approach

Carbon free recycled materials provides an alternative to polluting, non-recyclable composites using polypropylene.

Low Energy Production Process

Enables flexible operations that have fewer regulatory obstacles to overcome, and less legal challenges related to pollution.

Weight Reduction

With a 60% reduction in weight, you’ll have less energy consumption.

Polymertal meets UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by using carbon-free and bio-based materials through a low energy process to provide an alternative to polluting non-recyclable composites.

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Polymertal is a part of the Green Tech Aliance

Polymertal is investing into sustainable solutions and see the Greentech Alliance as another major step in joining a strong network. Polymertal would like to connect with key persons that are passionate about changing the reality of our plant’s climate changes.

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